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12 February 2012 @ 01:42 pm
After watching this on Youtube yesterday, it's Girls' Generation on David Letterman!, I become to like the girls! LOL! You know I don't like K-Pop; K-Pop in my country and K-Pop in Japan but when it's for Asia sake, I this this so cool! They are gonna make it worldwide, you see.


As you can see, seems like American loves Sooyoung! The tallest girl. The girl who can sing SMAP's "Sekai ni Hitotsu Dake no Hana". The only one girl of the group who can speak Japanese.

After I searched around for her info, just realize that she debuted in Japan when she was 12 as the duo girl group called "Route 0" It's for Football World cup 2003 :D I think she hadn't done plastic surgery 'cause she looks the same!

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21 January 2012 @ 03:31 pm
I'm bored. My LJ is more boring though. I don't know why but when I see other fangirls' blog, they are so interesting! Even it's just a normal post with thier own opinion about thier favorite idols but I think it's great! It's easy to read. I wish I can do that too but I kinda lack of sense and Eng skill. Does I worry so much about grammar? I think I don't 'cause all thingy above which I just type, I think it's wrong but I still continue typing now. Um... I think I should stop saying something like "I wanna be more interesting" and be myself. Just say what I want to say. Do what I want to do.

There's so many thing I want to write... In my Thai blog too, but I'm so lazy. I was active in the begining but now it has no update for a week. I think I should do something... Ummm... Ma... I just got bored somehow and have nowhere to express about this feeling... Okay, let's end this entry! 


P.S. LJ app for iPad is so useless and Safari on iPad can't make LJ cut. Sorry.
08 January 2012 @ 08:11 pm

My Thai blog has died... I have nowhere to babble my fandom thingy in my language.
So I decided to make another one just for fandom's sake!

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06 January 2012 @ 01:19 pm

After being Arashi/Nino fan for one year and a half... I realize these things ♥

☑ Great Idol
☑ Fine Singer
☑ Awesome actor
☑ Hollywood appearance
☑ Epic MC
☑ Excellent Tsukkomi
☑ Playing guitar
☑ Playing piano
☑ Playing drums
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How can one person has all these abilities?? 
*Just another Ninomiya-biased fan's entry... Please ignore it. Thank you :))
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02 January 2012 @ 12:35 pm

   2012 already started! Sorry for no update for a while. I just realize I miss blogging so much as now I have nowhere to speared my fandom love ;P I plan to come back and be more active on this LJ. Korekaramo Yoroshiku!! ♥

   P.S. Arashi will be main personallity in 24 Jikan Terebi again!! YAY!
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21 November 2011 @ 03:35 pm
  I'm enjoy making GIFs, lately. So I ended up making a new entry about Sexy Zone on Music Japan!!

It's Kento who win with his EPIC pose XD

  Since the group name is Sexy Zone, they ask the kids to do the most Sexy Pose to the camera!! They just a kid though!! LOL But it's funny seeing them try to look so.

  * Every gifs in this entry are made by me. It's okay to repost but please do not hotlink, thank you ♥

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